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Atlantas, insurance professional at the service of the Aeronautics

With an experience of more than 30 years in the aeronautical field and in the brokerage of aeronautical insurance, Atlantas has developed a complete offer of aeronautical insurances for the coverage of the air risks of your international flights.

Whether you are manager of a fleet of aircraft, whether you are the owner or co-owner of an aircraft, helicopter, turboprop or jet, an aviation professional or a private pilot, our solutions are adapted to each risk and each situation. Civil liability, ordinary and war risks, multi-risk insurance or cover for the personal liability of managers, cover for ordinary and exceptional material damage or assistance, ATLANTAS will present you with your personalised solution after analysing your needs.

Always advise you before insuring yourself

Atlantas accompanies its clients by coordinating all their needs in air risks coverage.

Independent broker based in Loire Atlantique, Atlantas is recognized for its professionalism, its customer service, the management of claims and theoptimization of contracts over time.

Are you looking for an insurance company for your aviation insurance policy? Ask for an online quote and entrust your air risk insurance contract to Atlantas, insurer at the best price!

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Why go through Atlantas for your aviation insurance ?

As all aviation professionals know, no aircraft is safe from a design or manufacturing defect that can be the cause of a disaster. Our mission? To offer you adequate cover at the best prices thanks to a personalised audit, precise advice and an analysis of the existing situation.

Our privileged links with major European aeronautical insurance groups (French, English and Belgian) and our perfect knowledge of your business have enabled us, over many years, to acquire a know-how and experience that is appreciated in the context of a quality approach.

Atlantas is a brokerage firm specialized in the coverage of air risks, we cover your private or professional aeronautical activities:

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Atlantas, professional in aircraft financing

To help you even better in the management of your business or your leisure, Atlantas also brings you a financing solution for your aircraft, studied in perfect adequacy with your needs.

Atlantas, always closer to you

Do not hesitate to consult us for a price list to take the sky with confidence!
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