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Aircraft liability:

Third-party liability is an essential component of any aviation insurance policy;

In fact, this is the only MANDATORY warranty before you can fly your aircraft;

This insurance provides compensation to victims/third parties, whether or not they are carried in the insured aircraft;

Aviation Civil Liability insurance is governed by EC Regulation 785/2004 for all flights to and from EU airports, as well as flights over the EU;

This regulation came into force on April 30, 2005, and sets out the minimum insurance requirements applicable to air carriers and aircraft operators;

It also imposes minimum guarantees in Special Drawing Rights (SDR) based on the aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight, such as:

MMD categories (Kg)Imposed limits (in SDR)
1< 500750 000
2< 1 0001 500 000
3< 2 7003 000 000
4< 6 0007 000 000
5< 12 00018 000 000
6< 25 00080 000 000
7< 50 000150 000 000

But also a limit per passenger of 250,000 SDRs; 1,000 SDRs per passenger for baggage; 17 SDRs per Kg of freight;

To check that your guarantee limit meets the requirements of Article EC 785/2004, you can visit a site that converts SDRs into EUR;